Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Red Velvet

After wondering what is the taste of red valvet & why most usually pick it as a signature cake to say love.. Now i have my own answer. My 1st red velvet i made turn to be the best cake i've had. The texture is super moist, the chocolatey taste is indescribable. 1 word say it all:  LOVE.. ehehe... or it might just me having that thought..kikiki. (Romantic mood suddenly)

This is my first red velvet and for my husband birthday. err..i'm not good in decorating cake.. so i simply make it more cheerful by adding the candle. :)  Hope next year there will be improvement..(ehehe... or i just buy a nice one)

For beloved husband, I pray for your success, prosperity, happiness forever. May Allah bless you.

Hope you loved the present too.. sorry.. it might not be expensive nor valuable, but i hope it will be one memorable and useful gift. 

Love to share a simple way on how to make the red velvet cake.

Ingredient :
a) Ready Mix White Cake - plus follow the box instruction for additional ingredient needed such as egg & sunflower oil/butter
b) 1 teaspoon Vanilla essence 
c) 2 teaspoon red colouring (or more if you like redness)
d) 2 teaspoon white vinegar

How to :
Mix all together & bake about 30-45min.

this is my recipe :) Best of luck!

P.S: My husband birthday is in January....whooaaa~~my, times flies.. ehehe..