Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1 minute virtual-visit to Dubai Miracle Garden

Super quick travelogue..ehehe... we was here..when arrived it kind of late..so u'll see direct sunlight in the vids. But we are lucky as we go during weekday so there are not so many people...however when it turns night, we've seen many people are coming in. We was told by the supervisor that handling this project, they took about 3 months to complete the garden. They first opened the garden on 14th February 2013. This is the massive flower garden here and a must see during Winter-Spring  in Dubai. Situated beside Dubailand & open from Feb-May every year (InsyaAllah) .

Jom virtual visit to Dubai Miracle garden. Sorry this is only for fun, so it is not superclear or high quality video.

Alamak lagu depan ter-cut pulak...Huhuhu...Sowii...malas da nak redo...even tak susah pun nak re-save..boleh tak. :)
you might love to visit this for more info: http://www.the-miracle-garden.com/

P.s: Again...thanks abg for bringing me here :)


  1. untunglah ada orang bawak g jalan jalan.di sini tengok je..heee

  2. :) ehehe k.fza, smtara kat sni..alhmdulillah ada yg sudi nak bwk.. sy share2 je..