Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kad Raya -Syawal 1436H

Oh oh... I have to blog this! Thanks Kak Fiza for your cute and nicely design kad raya. Hasil tangan yg kreatif.  May i said this is my only kad raya for this year... Ehehe..
Mengimbau memori masa kecik2 dulu awal2 puasa dah sibuk cari kad raya utk kawan2 and exchange kad raya. And shari before raya; rumah dah siap hias gantung2 kad.. Waaa meriah nye.. But nowadays dah tukar style;from e-greeting cards via email;  to sms now we do whatsapp and whatever apps available.
Oh sis; thanks for ur card ... Not only for the wishes but also the reminiscent of old memories.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dry lips instant healing

Hi ols.. Its been a while.. Coz now; i already start working full time again.. Yeay!! Ehehe.
Today sharing is for dry lips. I am having dry and chap lips.. And they not look good lor.. Some said i am dehydrate and need lots of water..but still after drinking more than i usually did isn't showing any improvement. I figure out that i am just a 'dry person'. Ehehe. I have dry skin, dry lips,  dry scalp , dry hair..
I did google for solution.. And try out few lips products..
At last i found this product that work wonders!!  Ta-daa -- Metholatum Water lipbalm. They have in pink and blue container. I pick the blue - for extra Mint. And if i not mistaken the pink is a regular. The price is around RM 13 to RM 15.. Maybe less upon promotions.
But bear in mind, this is an instant but not permanent solution. However- comparing to other lip balms; this one can last more than 3 hours (with or without lipstick) and you may re apply.
The secrets for dry skin is always look for product that contains hyaluronic acid. These properties will moisturize and make ur skin softer. This lip balm having super hyaluronic acid and also collagen.

If you are having same problem im facing.. Please try.. I feel no regrets for a very first time buying a lip balm.

Good luck!!!

Will i repurchase : Yes yes yes!
My rates : 9/10 (rated higher if there is product that can moisterize more than 5 hour; hahhaa in my dream!! )

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday April Promotion : Biggest Size Deals

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