Thursday, January 17, 2013 - Like it!

I've tried it...& loved it. Super easy & on-time. Only a simple email register and only clicking needed. They send the product on time and accept cash on delivery. Free delivery for total of 100dhs or 10dhs charge for less.

Here my first time request. :) I am a one happy satisfied customer..
They deliver on time (as u can select which time & date for over a week). And they also sent notification via mail if the order received & when they already on the way and delivered.
Came with a paper bag & as requested product...i did read a blogger did mention they called to ask if we would like to change if the product if out of stock.

Here are the zone that they delivered.

I hope in future there is more products will be in the store for customer choice.

P/s: Emergency!! & need home-bake product for my husband birthday.. :) 


  1. ooooo......x penah cite pun pasal nie.

  2. ceta la ni..huhuhuhu.. its for ur birthday.. jgn marah yer :)