Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kitchen Set! (CBS-cuba buat sendiri)

The mood has post pasal idea simple nak kasik extra touch for ur kitchen jars. Sumtime ade yg letak herbs, seasoning,  coffee, tea or whatever in a jar. I'm kind of love DIY & msa dok google pasal home improvement..i came across this storage tin utk coffee, tea & sugar in a set with labelled on it. So i just thought, they are cute & sure be better to have labelled for all the other herbs jar too..
And as I had few jars dkat rumah yg boleh di'reuse' i think i can improvise this. Pastu..buat my own herbs jar lain2 sooner bila balik Malaysia nanti. :)

Ok, this is what i've been telling.. I made few as trial. Bila wat research..(dah buat, br bt research..hikhikhik)
better to use a glass paint instead of fabric paint. But last time when at store, utk glass they hv only transparent color & i dun want that. So i chose the fabric paint instead coz I want them to be solid paint, br la nampk tulisan. I rinsed them but luckily the color didn't smudge or came out, maybe if I washed it using sponge ke maybe la one day it may peel off..i don't knw..i'll keep posted.

Haa..jejeng :

Ok this is the fabric color I'm using. Either fabric or glass pun price range sama je. yg dlm ni ada 6 basic colors. Never try on fabric yet.. :P tp atas botol2 tu..cukup puas ati la...spt yg di image kn result nye.

Ok ni adik-beradik equipment lain yg guna..nak bg cepat proses. :)guna hair dryer (less 10 min dah siap)...kl penyabar..boleh la jemur utk shari. No no to put in microwave as some paint glass tips utk masuk kn dlm microwave oven for abt 10 mins..

Then boleh isi:

Ok la...hope menjadi sumber inspirasi~

P/s: hihihi...cutee..(semangat nak memasak..ley tak?)

Suka Cuba Buat Sendiri (@DIY),
ساره سهيني رحمة


  1. hurrmmmm.....bile mase lak beli alat2 utk color nie.