Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our Lucky Summer :)

Ehehe...it is summer...& everywhere in Dubai having Summer Sale festival & prizes offer to win... Ehehe... This is our lucky summer...i scratched & i real win kat Al-Rostamani masa tlg abg transfer last Friday.

Ehehe...da lama tak menang contest nih... last time i remembered, masa kecik dulu ada la several consolation prizes yg menang... emm, jam dr Optrex ( jenama cuci mata tu) it is cute & not like any other watch u may find in market coz their own design... pastu...swan pencil holder & most remembered, hadiah dr rancangan ALONG(rancangan matematik kat TV) dapat beg & ada few things more come with it... tp da tak ingt plak ape...
Alhamdullilah :) this is for hubby

p/s : next time, let me scratch again..ehehe


  1. untunglah dapat jam ni...so lucky ^___^

  2. Assalamu Alaikum Sarah! That is such an awesome prize to win, mashaAllah! Congratulations.

    1. waalaikumslm Nadia...thanks for ur visit to my blog :) ehehe...alhamdullilah.
      p/s : glad to know more about dubai from your blog & the purple journal..

  3. thanks for the watch.....hehehehehe. very lucky. next time for u.