Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Buah Melaka

Cooking isn't my passion nor a hobby for me. But to cook for your love ones is my MISSION. ehehe... It takes more than a month since I in Dubai to find a gluten flour..waa,not even sell in the supermarket. If anyone know where i can find the flour at any shop here..plsss do let me know. Luckily there is a Malaysian night market held few weeks ago.. :) I only get to buy 2 packs, but it is good enough than nothing.. Huhu... at last, i can cook my favourite kuih buah Melaka or some called it as Onde-onde. It is my favourite, but my first time self cook (and won't be the last, for sure).
The ingredient & how to can easily found in recipe blogs & youtube too (just google up for Onde-onde)...

Here are mine :

p/s: i love u... :D
ساره سهيني رحمة


  1. wah..sakan ye masak kat sana..seronok ah dapat masak untuk husband terchenta.^__^

    1. ehehe...rindu msakan malaysia dah ni.. :) tp bahan susah jgk nak dpt..kuih mudah2 ley la k.fza...yg susah tak dpt la..

  2. len kali balik malaysia kena bawa sume barang2 yg xde. :p

  3. insyaAllah, nak dtg lg ke?? ehehe... remind me lain kali yer :)

  4. lame dh x buat nie.....