Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Pearl City of Gulf, Dubai

Safely landed to Tanah Arab on 3th May 2012,  11.00pm waktu Dubai. It has been second time being here. Betul cakap abg...best naik Emirates Flight. 7 jam layan movie je...turun flight mata da mcm alien.hehe.
But the most excited is...to meet my husband. It has been a year of PJJ.. ehehe...Now i'll need to handle my marriage as any other couples do.. I thought it might be hard or whatsoever. Somehow, it is absolutely No..(maybe sbb tak keja kot) & plus when you're doing for someone you loved, everthing is just excitement.
My husband is very helpful & tolerable too...Alhamdullilah for having him as husband.

Hubby da sediakan apartment for us to stay... it is nice & simple..i love that both combination...kiki... Located in Jumeirah Village Circle. Love about Dubai ni...slalu pun ada tema..ehehe.. From the Google Earth nampak kawasan ni design nye bentuk circle. :) 

It has been almost 2 minggu kat sni... i do a lot of cooking than usual...ehehe... err..kalau kat KL dulu...once a week je ke dapur...and sometimes only utk a bowl of Megi :D.. Proudly to said..kini tidak lagi.. Hahaha...
Still trying to catch-up with the routine.

Sesampai je di bumi padang pasir (err.. after a day or two rest/metafora je ayat tuh), as requested by Hubby yang teringin nak makan kuih keria... & for the very first time for me bjaya (like for almost everything)..jeng jeng...
Tu dia... my kuih keria

Thanks to my sis utk tips kukus ubi tu..Alhamdullilah.

For my save note, Resipi Kuih Keria (For 3ppl):
Sweet Potato ~500gm
Plain Flour 1 cup
Sugar 5 t.s + Water 2 t.s

Kukus sweet potato tuh... then kupas kulit..masa panas tu, lenyek kan. Then add flour tuh & gaul sebati. Rest the dough to cool up. Pastu bentuk kan ring.. I like mini keria..so i mould them smaller. Now boley goreng.
Utk sira kan gula tu, panas kan gula + air tu.. until cair & btali.. then masuk kn keria yg da goreng dlm tu..bg gula tu rata kat suma keria.. Then angkat & rest it to air...bg gula dia keras.. :P

Ehe..ok la... need to do some search & listing..we will be having a housewarming this Friday. To be continue..

Best Regards,

ساره سهيني رحمة


  1. hehehehehehehhee....raya kat mane plak nk g.